Integrate Hudson into your TeamForge project

Hudson is a tool for managing and tracking builds. You can use it to continuously build and test sofware projects and to control external tasks such as cron jobs.

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Get the CollabNet Build and Test Package
CollabNet Build and Test is Hudson repackaged with the TeamForge plugin included.

CollabNet Build and Test needs Java J2SE 1.6 or later to run. CollabNet Build and Test is released as a single WAR file. The easiest way to use CollabNet Build and Test is to use Hudson's built-in Winstone servlet container.
Download CollabNet Build and Test and execute it by running the following:

$JAVA_HOME/bin/java -jar ctfbuildtest-<version>.war

This command should be run on the machine you want to use as a Build and Test server, preferably a different server from the TeamForge server. No additional installation or database is needed.

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If you have Hudson, Install the TeamForge plugin
Note: This plugin requires the Promoted Builds plugin to be installed too.
  1. On your Hudson instance, click Manage Hudson > Manage Plugins > Available.
  2. Select the TeamForge plugin and the dependent Promoted Builds plugin, and click Install. The web interface will download the corresponding .hpi files and intall them.
  3. Restart Hudson to pick up the changes.
  4. Verify that Hudson is working as expected.
Make Hudson available to your team
This will configure the Build and Test button in your project to link to your Hudson server.

Note: Only users with project administration permissions can associate Hudson with TeamForge.
Bookmark this page for future reference, so that it will still be available while performing this step.
  1. Click Project Admin > Build and Test Integration in the project toolbar.
  2. In the Override URL field, specify the URL of your Hudson server.
  3. Choose what behavior you want when project members click Build & Test (Open in same window, new window, or IFrame).
  4. If you want to use single sign-on, a site admin can enable this feature.
That's it. Hudson and TeamForge are now integrated!
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